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Tire Maker Designs Rubber-Paneled, Electric SUV

July 31st, 2009

Korean tire maker Kumho has produced a concept for an electric SUV utilizing a tire maker's favorite material - rubber. The Fortis SUV features body panels made from recycled rubber and the rest of the design is pretty cool too.

The SUV's wheels contain one 100-horsepower motor each, allowing the production of front-, rear- or all-wheel-drive models. Built-in software controls the motors so different types of traction control can be programmed in.

Of course, the neatest feature of this concept car is the tires, which change Transformer-style depending on the terrain. During off-road driving, they deflate, revealing metal lugs that up the traction. When you get back on the road, the air cavaties expand, inflating the tires and covering up the metal lugs for smooth driving.

The SUV deisign also includes a Lithium-ion battery pack and regenerative braking.

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