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Supermicro Announces High-Density Server Solutions

May 24th, 2013
SAN JOSE, Calif., May 24, 2013 -- Super Micro Computer, Inc., a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server, storage technology and green computing, today announced new compact high-density server solutions that will support Intel's highly anticipated future Xeon Processor E3-1200 V3 product family. Supermicro uni-processor (UP) server solutions will bring to market higher performance with increased energy efficiency through improved system, cooling and power architectures and integration of Intel's latest processor microarchitecture based on 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate technology. MicroCloud, one of Supermicro's most innovative, high-density UP server solutions will feature support for the future Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 V3 family in 12 node (SYS-5038ML-H12TRF) and 8 node (SYS-5038ML-H8TRF) configurations at launch with a 24 node solution around the corner.

"Supermicro focuses on offering the greatest selection of computing, storage and networking solutions with maximum performance per watt, per dollar," said Charles Liang , President and CEO of Supermicro. "With the coming launch of Intel's new processors, Supermicro brings to market new server solutions such as our 3U 8, 12 and coming 24 node MicroCloud providing customers flexibility to deploy exactly the most optimized compute and storage solutions for any given application. With our new, higher density Haswell based products, customers can maximize space and power utilization for greater operational savings."

"Supermicro's ground breaking MicroCloud server solution is enabling Phoenix NAP to offer future Intel E3 processors starting on June 2. MicroCloud's modular, easily serviced, compact footprint provides us the performance, power efficiency and scalability needed to reach our aggressive price points while maintaining optimal customer experience. These benefits were exponentially multiplied as we have now expanded our business globally and are deploying hundreds of MicroCloud's a month for our customers worldwide," said Jordan Jacobs , vice president, product development at Phoenix NAP. "We have made a considerable investment in Supermicro server technologies...

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A Changing Earth Is on Display in Google Timelapse

May 9th, 2013
Time, Inc., together with Google, the U.S. Geological Survey and Carnegie Mellon University's Create Lab, on Thursday launched a website featuring timelapse animations depicting changes in Earth's surface from 1984 to 2012. The animations are based on satellite images collected as part of the Landsat program, conducted jointly by the USGS and the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administation since 1972, in which satellites take images of the Earth's surface.

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GSky Adds Two Green Walls to West Elm’s New Store in Dubai

April 26th, 2013

Dubai West Elm Green Wall, Dubai West Elm, Green Wall, living wall, vertical garden, green wall, plant wall

West Elm home furnishing recently made its debut in the UAE by opening their first retail store in The Dubai Mall. The new store features a diverse mix of modern home designs and inspirational pieces. GSky Plant Systems, Inc. helped bring a touch of nature to the store by installing two large green walls. The beautiful living walls are situated behind the cash wrap, serving as the store’s centerpiece to greet customers as they enter the store.

+ GSky Plant Systems

Dubai West Elm Green Wall, Dubai West Elm, Green Wall, living wall, vertical garden, green wall, plant wall Dubai West Elm Green Wall, Dubai West Elm, Green Wall, living wall, vertical garden, green wall, plant wall Dubai West Elm Green Wall, Dubai West Elm, Green Wall, living wall, vertical garden, green wall, plant wall Dubai West Elm Green Wall, Dubai West Elm, Green Wall, living wall, vertical garden, green wall, plant wall

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US Department of Energy Seizes $21 Million from Fisker Automotive

April 23rd, 2013

fisker, karma, automotive, hybrid car, loan, department of energy

In this economy, it isn’t just students and homeowners who are having trouble paying back their loans. In a statement on Monday, the US Department of Energy said that it had seized $21 million from Anaheim, California-based electric car maker Fisker Automotive, Inc. on April, 11. The DOE said that it will continue to seek repayment from a loan agreement made back in 2009. A payment was due this week, but was not met. This decision came several weeks after the company laid off three-quarters of its workers and had part of its $529 million loan frozen back in 2011.

fisker, karma, automotive, hybrid car, loan, department of energy fisker, karma, automotive, hybrid car, loan, department of energy fisker, karma, automotive, hybrid car, loan, department of energy

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A (Wireless) Doctor In Your Pocket

March 27th, 2013
A combination of disposable wireless sensors and smartphones is about to make health care more personal, immediate, and affordable. New solutions are emerging that harvest real-time health data and respond with on-the-spot warnings or suggestions. This technology will not only produce better outcomes, it will help extend the benefits of modern health care to people in developing countries and keep consumers everywhere better informed about the latest health products and practices.

The disposable wireless sensors being developed and commercialized by Gentag, Inc. are a good example. The sensors are intended for use by consumers and come packaged as either skin patches or specimen dipsticks. Gentag believes there is a huge global market for sensors that can be mass-produced, are easy to use, and work with popular smartphones and tablet computers.

Unlike telemedicine, which was conceived to conquer distance, Gentag's technology is mainly about immediacy. Consumers can use skin patches and dipsticks at their convenience in their homes and workplaces. Smartphone apps provide instant feedback and can automatically forward results to caregivers. Problems can be spotted in their earliest, most treatable stages and therapy can begin at once.

Significant Savings

Disposable sensors offer significant savings over traditional solutions. Most of the sensor designs lend themselves to high-volume mass production. They work with smartphones that consumers already have or are expected to have in the near future. And disposable wireless sensors avoid the costs associated with traveling to and using outpatient labs.

Gentag's skin patch sensors typically consist of printable chemical strips and near field communications (NFC) chips. The chemical strips can test and measure parameters such as body temperature, skin moisture, and (with the aid of microneedles) blood glucose. NFC makes collecting the results as simple as a waving a mobile phone over the skin patch. (NFC sensors don't require batteries because...

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MaintenanceNet, Panasonic Team for Contract Visibility

February 26th, 2013
MaintenanceNet, Inc. today announced it has implemented a comprehensive, cloud-based service contract management platform for Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, which is the primary B2B technology solutions division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation.

Panasonic, a leader in delivering technology solutions for government, enterprise, SMB (small to midsize business) and many other vertical markets, utilizes a channel-based route to market in which products are offered to end users through reseller partners, who in turn order via authorized distribution partners. The Panasonic Services Portal, currently being rolled out to its distribution partners across North America, acts as a sales lead generator and provides a centralized online location from which sales agents can quickly and easily view their customers' warranty purchases and track expiring service contracts.

Powered by MaintenanceNet, the portal is offered free of charge and currently supports four main product categories including computers and tablets (including Toughbook® mobile computers), professional displays (including plasma, LCD and LED), projectors and video surveillance.

A key component of MaintenanceNet's offering to Panasonic is the automated delivery of service entitlement certificates to end customers. These certificates are generated for the warranty services purchased by customers in association with the thousands of products that Panasonic sells each month. By automating the back office process of capturing the entitlement data, and issuing the entitlement certificates to customers as proof of the services that they purchased, MaintenanceNet streamlines a once time-consuming administrative task.

The recent enhancement to the Services Portal is just one example of how Panasonic is committed to providing greater support to its channel partners.

"With MaintenanceNet, we have gained an efficient, 'no-touch' approach to addressing the thousands upon thousands of entitlement certificates that must...

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STEC Teams With Cheetah RAID Storage

January 29th, 2013
SANTA ANA, Calif., Jan. 29, 2013 -- STEC, Inc., a leading global provider of solid-state drive (SSD) technologies and products, and Cheetah RAID Storage will demonstrate at AFCEA West the two companies' collaboration of custom-built storage options designed to satisfy the unique ruggedness and durability requirements of defense-industry applications.

What: STEC? s840 SAS SSDs will be applied in Cheetah RAID Storage's 2U Rugged 24 bay enclosure using removable canisters

Where: Armed Forces Communications and Electronic Association (AFCEA) West, Booth #2150

When: January 29-31, 2013, San Diego, Calif.

Government customers have typically been early to embrace cutting-edge technologies brought on by highly specialized businesses such as STEC and Cheetah. The showcase offers a clear demonstration of the value government users can achieve by contracting with innovators like these. STEC's twenty years of expertise in enterprise-grade solid-state technology, coupled with Cheetah RAID Storage's innovative storage solutions, provide world-class performance, durability and reliability suitable for the military's most demanding environments. The companies' collaborative goal is to instill with government customers confidence that their long-term solid-state storage requirements will be met.

About STEC, Inc.

STEC, Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise-class solid-state drive (SSD) technologies and solutions tailored to meet the high-performance, high-reliability and high-endurance needs of today's data-intensive server and storage platforms. With headquarters in Santa Ana, California, and locations worldwide, STEC leverages almost two decades of solid-state knowledge and experience to design, manufacture and deliver the most comprehensive line of PCIe, SAS, SATA, and embedded SSDs on the market today. In addition, the STEC? EnhanceIO? SSD Cache Software enables IT managers to cost-effectively scale server application performance. For more information, please visit

The STEC, Inc. logo is available at

About Cheetah RAID Storage

Cheetah RAID Storage offers the highest level of performance and fault tolerance in the RAID market, combined with exceptional value. All current controllers support RAID levels...

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January 23rd, 2013
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Group, Inc. a leading provider of internet services and online marketing solutions for small businesses, today announced it has been selected as a Yahoo! Local Ambassador. ...

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Nimbus Flash Memory Accelerates Oracle Databases

January 14th, 2013
SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan. 14, 2013 -- Nimbus Data Systems, Inc., the leader in Sustainable Storage(R), today announced two significant customer wins in business-critical Oracle database environments. Yes Energy, a top provider of analytics support solutions for power markets, and Lasso Data Systems, a leading developer of CRM software for the real estate market, selected the award-winning S-Class flash memory arrays to eliminate tuning and performance challenges presented by their previous infrastructures. After replacing their existing hybrid solutions and high-end disk arrays with Nimbus Data's S-Class all-flash storage system, Yes Energy and Lasso CRM achieved up to a 7x improvement in database performance while decreasing data center power, space and cooling costs.

With PCIe flash cards and conventional hard drive-based storage arrays, Yes Energy faced an unwelcome compromise: while performance from PCIe flash was fast, capacity and high availability was lacking. Meanwhile, the disk array offered capacity and high availability, but unacceptably slow performance. Yes Energy found the ideal solution with Nimbus Data: an all-flash storage platform with even better performance than the hybrid arrangement of local PCIe flash and a disk-based SAN, plus large capacity and complete high availability to meet their growing needs. After implementing the Nimbus all-flash solution and comparing the results of identical full production loads against the existing PCIe flash and disk array solution, Yes Energy experienced up to 7x faster response times with the Nimbus, debunking the commonly-held belief that PCIe flash cards are faster than external all-flash storage systems.

"As a provider of split-second access to real-time data streams and efficient historical analysis, Yes Energy requires systems that can provide low-latency IO that enable us to write and read data as fast as possible," said Santhan Shanmugaratnam, Systems Architect of Yes Energy. "PCIe flash presented some problems and risks for us including limited scalability,...

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Jumptap Appoints Former Yahoo! Sales Exec Adam Chandler To SVP Sales

January 7th, 2013
Jumptap, Inc., the leader in targeted mobile advertising, announced today that it has appointed industry veteran Adam Chandler to SVP of Sales.

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