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Hospitals Increase Preparedness against Swine Flu – The Nordic Page

January 3rd, 2013

The Nordic Page

Hospitals Increase Preparedness against Swine Flu
The Nordic Page
Akershus University Hospital (Ahus) increases alert level after 20 new cases of swine flu on Wednesday. The hospital received over 100 new patients with symptoms on Wednesday afternoon. Other hospitals in several cties in the country has a large influx ...

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Want a Stranger on Your Couch? New Services Help

December 3rd, 2012
"Do we still have a TV?" That's the text message I got from my husband as I walked up the steps to our Brooklyn apartment on a Friday afternoon this fall. I was fairly sure that we did. I opened the door. Cats, check. TV, check.

He needed to know because we'd just entrusted a stranger, by most senses of the word, with keys to our home and with it, access to everything we own. It was with the same implicit trust she'd placed in us when she asked to spend a couple of nights on our futon, sight unseen.

We did this through, whose motto is helping you "meet and adventure with new friends around the world." No money changes hands. Maybe a drink or a meal out, or a promise of an open couch in return, should you find yourself in Barcelona, Budapest or Bali. Another service, Airbnb, lets people rent out their homes, rooms, tree houses or whatever other dwellings they choose.

These are just two of the online tools that help people who want to branch out beyond hotels, motels and hostels and explore peer-to-peer accommodations to stay in the homes of ordinary people.

Reasons to do this are as varied as the places where you'll rest your head if you sign up for them -- to save money, to see places underserved by traditional lodging services, or simply to meet locals.

While neither is particularly new (the idea behind Couchsurfing dates back to 1999, while Airbnb launched in 2008), both are gaining traction beyond adventurous city folk and student travelers with the help of social media and old-fashioned word-of-mouth. To get started, simply visit their Web sites, browse the offerings and sign up for an account to make the arrangements.

Hosting can be a treat, too. Left without a real...

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Yahoo Hit With $2.7B Verdict In Mexican Court Case; Will Appeal

November 30th, 2012
Yahoo this afternoon said a Mexican court has ordered the company to pay $2.7 billion in a case filed by a pair of companies that publish telephone directories.

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Nexus 4 Returns To Google Play Store Tuesday

November 27th, 2012
Those unable to snag a Nexus 4 when the smartphone went on sale Nov. 13 have a second chance beginning Tuesday afternoon.

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Yahoo! Sports: NCAA investigating Auburn over Memphis student recruitment

November 21st, 2012
An article published on Yahoo! Sports Wednesday afternoon states the NCAA has been working for weeks on investigating improprieties involving Auburn recruits, players, coaches, representatives of the school's athletic interests and third parties.

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Prowling the streets of San Francisco with Square Wallet

November 20th, 2012
CNET spent an afternoon testing how Square's mobile payment app performs in a neighborhood full of merchants that accept it. A hint: It's a snap to use. [Read more]

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Samsung wants details of Apple’s settlement with HTC

November 16th, 2012
In a court filing this afternoon, Samsung requests that Apple provide a copy of its patent license agreement with HTC. [Read more]

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Live chat replay: Microbiologist Keith Warriner on dirty hotels

November 16th, 2012

University of Guelph microbiologist Keith Warriner conducted the tests for Marketplace's two-part investigation of hotel cleanliness. We answered your questions in a live chat Friday afternoon.

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Yahoo Sends Out Mass Apology To Screwed-Over Fantasy Football Owners, Still Looking For Answers

November 12th, 2012
# fantasyfootball On Sunday afternoon, Yahoo experienced technical difficulties with its fantasy football product. Namely, it did not work in the hour prior the start of the lion's share of NFL games. People were angry . In the wake of the outrage, Ken Fuchs of Yahoo Sports sent out an email to users apologizing for the outage and promising to learn from the experience. You can read the full ...

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Hurricane Sandy’s effect spiked by full moon

October 30th, 2012

A full moon occurring this afternoon will make tides higher than normal along North America's East Coast, leading to stronger potential storm surges and even more possible damage from Hurricane Sandy as it hits land.

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