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Return of the Living Blog

Hi Everyone,

I feel guilty, like a home town friend who just walked in to the local diner after disappearing from the face of the Earth. Sorry I didn’t write. The truth is, I never left.

At HomeTips.com, we’ve been completely immersed in work. We decided to make the site better…MUCH better. So we put our noses to the grindstone and our fingers to the keyboards with a focus entirely on improving the site’s navigation and breadth of information. And we worked on it for months.

As a result, we have a newly designed, completely different HomeTips. One where you can quickly search, browse, or jump to the information you’re seeking. We have all kinds of new bells and whistles that you’re going to love, from intuitive navigation menus to extensive content on new subjects such as gardening and landscaping, to forums where you can share questions and answers with other members of the HomeTips community. Bounce around on the site, and you’ll see what I mean.

And the HomeTips blog is evolving, too. As you’ll see in the future, I won’t be the only one posting. HomeTips will have additional regular contributors, such as Juliet Myfanwy Johnson (”Somebody’s Always Hungry”), an author and mom with fun, touching, and insightful essays on what it’s like to be a “Mom About the House.”

So grab a stool at the counter and have a slice of pie. The fun’s just beginning.

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