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New Apple iPhone Slated for a June 2009 Release

News of a more sophisticated next-generation iPhone from Apple Inc. consecutively in the third year of inception is worth an achievement in itself. According to Boy Genius report (BGR), a new iPhone is slated for the summer release of 2009 with higher speed and features that are more sophisticated, poised for a seamless user experience.

Moreover, considering the success of the two versions of iPhones in the previous years since its first launch in mid-2007 and the second version in mid-2008, a mid-year launch has almost become a tradition for success.

What is new in the latest Apple iPhone?

As per the BGR blog published on Monday, its reliable sources from the AT&T has disclosed that the new iPhone scheduled for a June launch will offer major upgrade in features like video functionality. Rumors doing the rounds indicate that higher speed HSDPA 7.2 MBPS will support AT&T’s planned upgrade, to be inducted by a new Infineon chipset, resulting in a speedier 3G network access.

Although nothing official has been confirmed on the speculated June-release of the new generation iPhone, BGR is quite confident of its AT&T sources information, which has indicated ‘an exciting summer of 2009, courtesy Apple iPhone.’ Now, if that is a mere speculation is yet to be ascertained. Reports from Boy Genius has also revealed news of a new $99 3G Netbook – without Windows OS to be launched this summer 2009.

Noteworthy Video Features Expected in the new iPhone

Amongst the new features to be included in the new iPhone (according to BGR) includes automation tools, which allows customers to use the AT&T U-Verse application. Now, iPhone users with the help of AT&T’s fiber optic service will be able to offer users with high-speed data, video and voice options. Users will also be able to remotely play, record and pause their home DVRs, which is in fact a significant development from Apple Inc.

Further investigation on the new video feature has revealed that the support functions for video recording will likely be available only through an upgraded rear-facing camera, accomplished of captivating higher resolution photos. However, there is still speculation if Apple will allow the sophisticated video feature in regular model or keep it specifically only for high-end model.
Although many stories are doing the rounds regarding the much hyped video feature, an inside report from highly reliable sources, as per BGR indicates that the video function could most probably also include a ‘movies’ iPhone application. This feature besides provide basic editing support, would also enable users to email movie clips to friends and family or even send videos via MMS messages.

AT&T also seems excited on the forthcoming June release of the next generation iPhone. The carrier company is of the opinion that customers should buy a smartphone from AT&T based on their personal tastes. However, what remains confusing is whether the AT&T advice refers to in-the-metal features. On the other hand, there is conflicting news that indicates that the iPhone 3.0 firmware will also apply to older iPhone models.

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