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My iPhone’s radio fried – can I have yours?

So in an attempt to figure out what was bricking unlocked phones on 1.1.1, I upgraded my unlocked phone to 1.1.1. After a number of (shall we say) valiant attempts at reviving the radio, I managed to brick it even further, by somehow completely breaking the radio. I have this fun message as shown on my phone, and nothing (not CommCenter, not bbupdater, not iEraser, nor NORDumper) can communicate with the baseband on the phone. All restores fail because they can’t talk to it.

So it looks like if I want to continue testing with 1.1.1 I’m going to have to replace the radio board on my phone with a new one.

If anyone here has an iPhone with a cracked screen or some other non-radio problem (dead battery, etc) just laying around, I could definitely use it. I’ll send you an assembled Time Fountain for it, if you’d like.

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