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Mic and VoIP Compatibility

January 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear All,

you are daily sending us emails asking if a Touch running xy OS version is compatible with xy Mic and xy VoIP SW out there. So, we decided to collect info on the topic, and updated our “previous SIP-VoIP releases” page and linked it as “Mic and VoIP compatibility” at the right side of our blog.. Now, we are asking you to go there and make a comment in order to let your mates know which OS, which Touch, which Mic and VoIP SW you are using successfully or unsuccessfully..

This would help also to eliminate confusion and comments like the last 2 are on this wired-page. Unfortunately people are not well informed about the compatibility of their devices, and purchase microphones from tricky sources claiming to sell “touchmods” microphones.

It is REALLY important to know, that since May 2008 THERE IS NO COMMERCIAL TOUCHMODS MIC! Fullstop. Still, we are interested in collecting info about Mic and VoIP-SW compatibility on different OS versions.

Thank you!

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