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iPhoneWorld.ca: Pivotal Podium iPhone Stand: iPhone 3G Accessory Review

App World / iPhoneWorld.ca writes:

Pivotal Podium iPhone Stand Review
Reviewed by: Bill Henderson
Podium by Pivotal :: Rotating iPhone Stand iPhone Dock iPod touch Stand iPod touch Dock
Price: $68

podium stand

Have you ever propped up an iPhone to watch a video while sitting at your computer? Or have you ever placed your iPhone on a table at a certain angle to watch a video because you’re just too lazy to hold it? Or maybe you just want an iPhone stand as cool as your iMac or Apple LCD monitor (sorry, PC users).

If you fall into any of the above categories, the Podium from Pivotal may be your solution. The Podium is one beautiful, heavy, expensive, over-engineered one-trick pony of a product. But I gotta tell you, it does this trick really well. Snap your iPhone 3G into the scratch-proof rubberized handles and your iPhone is now receiving the pampering it deserves. You can adjust it to any angle you wish, vertically or horizontally. And the weight of the Podium helps prevent the need to hold it in place with the other hand. The bearing that allows the pivoting is smooth, easy and it holds tight at any angle you leave it in. As I’ve told you it was over-engineered.

You can slip a USB cable through a hole in the back of the stand to keep it out of the way, just like the iMac. In fact, it looks just like the iMac stand, except that its either chrome or pearl, not brushed aluminum. So if you have Apple gear, it’s going to fit right in.

Aside from the price being a bit high, my only caveat is that the clasps are not adjustable, which means you have to remove your iPhone from its case (if you use one) to ‘snap‘ it in. I actually use it with my case left on, but it only rests on the bottom clasps. Even then it only works if it’s left horizontal. Then I plug my phone/mic earphones into it for hands-free talking while I work at my computer.

All in all, you can’t say a whole lot about such a simple concept, except that if you appreciate well built – if expensive – items, you may actually enjoy the Podium. It will most definitely last a lot longer than your iPhone.


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