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iPhoneWorld.ca: Carbon Fiber Leather Shell and Metal Vest: iPhone 3G Cases Review

App World / iPhoneWorld.ca writes:

iPhone 3G Case Review: Carbon Fiber Leather Shell and Metal Vest by Ion Cases
Reviewed by: Bill Henderson
ION-factory | Accessories Refined
CarbonFiber Price: $79.89
Metal Vest Price: $29.99

There are many kinds of cases to choose from for the iPhone. Almost too many. It’s nice to see companies taking different approaches and trying to be creative in case design and construction. Ion is not as well known as some other iphone accessory companies, but they make a couple of really nifty cases.


What makes Leather Shell design unique is the use of real carbon fiber as a ‘spine’ that runs the length of the case, making the case very rigid and strong. Add the leather and you have a high-tech look with some elegance thrown in for good measure. The leather-wrapped shell is polycorbonate plastic fitted with a nice, soft interior lining to help prevent scratches.


The Leather Shell case comes in four colors. The black, white and orange (why orange?) are stitched quality leather while the gray case is wrapped is a faux suede covering. I’m told it’s not real suede, but it sure feels like it. I actually like this one more than the real leather ones. Unfortunately, a good portion of the iPhone is left unprotected on the sides. Leaving buttons exposed makes some of this necessary, but the other side could have been covered completely and wasn’t.


Although the top of the case is left open for the haeadphone port and on/off switch, the fit is secure and there is no chance of the phone just falling out.

The construction is top notch. There’s no loose stitching or ill fitting parts I’ve seen in other cases. Obvious care is put into the construction of these cases . And it should be. The Leather Shell is not cheap. Almost $80 US is a bit steep for an iPhone case, no matter how nice it is. Taking that into account, you really won’t be disappointed with this quality, rich looking case.

The Metal Vest is not actually made of metal. It just looks like it is. It’s made of a mirror-finish anodized plastic. It’s slim and covers just enough to keep the back of the iPhone covered. It very shiny and comes in silver or gold.


It also comes with a cleaner cloth:


Despite my issues with the Metal Vest, when I showed it to one of my daughter’s friends who has an iPhone, she thought it was the prettiest thing she had ever seen. She was mesmerized. Go figure. Maybe Ion has a hit on their hands here.

Like their other cases, it is well made. And like the other cases, it seems a bit expensive, although it does come with two screen protectors.

CarbonFiber Score: 9/10

Metal Vest Score: 6/10

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