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Eco-Beat, 9/17

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Does David Duchovny seem like a guy who knows what’s up in the garden? Is compostable plastic all it’s greenwashed up to be? Do you scoop your dog’s poop religiously, rain or shine? Today’s Eco-Beat has the scoop on poop scooping, as well as all the latest green news and tips.

David Duchovny, credit: Charley Gallay, Getty ImagesDavid Duchovny: Organic Gardener Extraodinaire
The “Californication” star is putting his skills to the test on a completely unrelated show this weekend: “Extreme Home Makeover.” Duchovny is helping the EHM team put the finishing touches on a green home makeover by lending a hand in the organic garden.
compostable cup, credit: Shira Golding, FlickrCompostable Plastic: Yea or Nay?
Sure, it makes you feel all warm inside when that cup you’re sipping from is stamped “compostable,” but what does that really mean? Are you going to take it home and throw it in your hydrolyzing compost bin? If not, might be better to go recyclable.
jet takeoff, credit: JoshuaDavisPhotography.com, FlickrSF Airport Gets Carbon Offset Kiosks
Buying carbon offsets has never been easier for those flying out of SFO … or if you have a layover there. As of today, San Francisco International Airport is home to the world’s first carbon offset kiosks. Buy a paper, offset your travel, and then board your flight. It’s that easy.
scoop the poop, credit:Teaeff, FlickrIs Your Pet’s Poop Killing Orcas?
A bag of fresh dog poop may not qualify as a fashion accessory, but it does express something about you: You care about other people’s shoes and also about whales. A coalition in Seattle is raising awareness about the glut of dog crap that washes into Puget Sound.
German beer boot, credit: ES, FlickrA Website Dedicated to Sustainable Beer!
For those of us who like sustainably brewed beer (which I’m assuming is a lot of us) there’s a whole website dedicated to the delicious, green suds. SustainaBrew keeps tabs on all sorts of sustainable micro breweries, so you can kick back and enjoy the brews.

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