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Eco-Beat, 6/23

Have Fatboy Slim and Jarvis Cocker joined the Blue Man Group? Looking for ways to look smart and save your office some money? Need an excuse to procrastinate mowing the yard? Today’s Eco-Beat has the scoop on all the latest green news and tips.

Fatboy Slim Has the Climate Change Blues
Blue is the new green for Oxfam protesters at Copenhagen’s climate conference. To help roll out the new “Demand action until you’re blue in the face” campaign, Fat Boy Slim and others are showing how easy it is to get the new paintjob on video.
Reduce Your Office’s Footprint
Energy Star and Danny Seo have developed a website to show you how to slash your office’s energy bill and even create a “Green Team” of coworkers (not modeled after Will Ferrell’s trash-talking Green Team). A penny saved is a penny earned, and that’s job security, people.
But I like Coffee and Bananas!
If you tend to obsess over your carbon foodprint, you’ve probably come across a startling revelation: most of our favorite food vices come from the tropics! Though there’s no silver bullet, Grist has come up with some ways to help combat those food miles.
More Mowing, Mo’ Watering
Of all the suburban lawn farmers I’ve met, virtually none of them enjoy mowing the grass in the summer heat. Good news! Letting your grass grow a little longer will actually save you some water. Longer grass = more shade = recipe for laziness.
Coke’s Trashy Art Installation
In support of UK Recycle Week, Coca Cola commissioned a sculpture that sorta kinda blurs the line between art and trash. Artists built a Coke can sculpture that delivers a pro-recycling message to birds and UFOs flying over the English coastline, but looks trashy from the ground.

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