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Eco-Beat, 5/21

Did you catch the Volt’s debut on Letterman? Why does Laurie David hate the wetlands so much? Why is recycled urine the toast of the town in International Space Station City? Eco-Beat has the scoop on all the latest green news and tips.

Lutz Brings the Volt on Letterman
The Volt may not go 200 miles on a single charge like the Tesla, but it also doesn’t cost $100K. GM chieftan Bob Lutz told Letterman that the car will cost $32,500 after rebates and, of course, Letterman pulled the old electrocution gag (see video).
Laurie David Got Busted, Again
For the second time, conservationist and climate crusader Laurie David finds herself in the crosshairs of the Chilmark Conservation Commission for building on a piece of her property that has been declared protected wetlands. Oops!
Wind Farm is the Chupacabra of Taiwan?
Are wind farms dangerous to your health? People blame wind turbines for ADD, sleep disorders, etc., but goat murder?. A Taiwanese farmer says a nearby wind farm killed 400 goats by disrupting their sleeping and feeding habits, eventually starving them.
HSUS to Team-up with Michael Vick?
Michael Vick wants to enlist in the battle against dogfighting and the HSUS seems ready to welcome the rehabilitated former Atlanta Falcon QB. Do you think Michael Vick deserves a second chance? Here’s to hoping for the best.
Astronauts Celebrate Recycled Urine
Yesterday, astronauts aboard the international space station finally got to test out the now infamous peecycler. Reportedly, the “water” tasted refreshing and delicious. That’s one small (and gross) step for sustainability.

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