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Eco-Beat, 4/14

Are you craving a Vegan alterantive to McDonald’s? Do Lay’s potato chips fit your definition of buying local, even if the chip factory is just down the street? Are you part of the 24% of Americans who understand cap and trade? Today’s Eco-Beat has the scoop on all of the latest green news and tips.

Heather Mills’ Cafe Gets a Name
Considering the possibility for worldwide expansion, Mills has settled on the name “V-Bites” for her seaside cafe. The 100% vegan cafe in southern England is only the beginning. Mills envisions a V-Bites franchise across the street from McDonald’s. Really.
Locavores Eating Lay’s?
Everybody’s trying to be more conscious of where their food comes from these days. Seizing on that, Lay’s is highlighting the fact that it’s addictive potato chips are grow and produced in the gool ol’ US of A. Does a bag of Lay’s really qualify as local produce?
Farmers Get Paid to Go Organic
The Obama administration and USDA have set aside $50 million for farmers who want to make the switch to growing organic crops. For farmers: this money won’t last long, the deadline to apply is May 29th. $50M just isn’t what it used to be.
We’re Over Gadgeting the Energy Supply
Gadgets are the bomb dot com, we all know this … but watchdogs are worried about what happens in 2030, when everyone on the planet has a iPod and a Blackberry. Apparently, we’re going to need about 200 new nuclear plants to power it all. Gulp.
Cap and Trade: A Four Minute Lesson
This week, we heard that 76% of American’s don’t know what in the heck this ‘cap and trade’ thingy is all about. Well, if you want a refresher, this geeky but helpful video can help you understand all the basics in only a few hand gesture filled minutes.

Green in a Flash:

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