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Eco-Beat, 10/16

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Which celebrities are preaching the green gospel to Copenhagen delegates? Are you unknowingly enjoying the heat of burning bunnies right now? Will your next car harness the power of pee? Today’s Eco-Beat has the scoop on all the latest green news and tips.

Sting, credit: Ian Gavan, Getty ImagesTop 5 Celebrities Pushing for Change at Copenhagen
ICYDK, yesterday was Blog Action Day, where over 9,000 bloggers around the world rallied together to bring awareness to the climate change talks in Copenhagen. As glorious as it was, the efforts of these five green celebs may have outshone even the blogosphere.
white rabbit, credit: S.Das, FlickrBunnyheit 451
Stockholm’s parks dept. culls thousands of bunnies each year that munch up the landscape and, well, multiply like rabbits. Controversially, the carcasses are then used as bioenergy to fuel a heating plant. Is this a clever way to recycle, or an egregious abuse of animal rights?
orange slices, credit: Darwin Bell, FlickrA Cleaning Product Safe Enough to Eat, But Don’t
Wanna detoxify the space under your sink where all your cleaning supplies live? You might want to start with a cleaning solution that’s made from ingredients you’d find at a local fruit stand. Green Terpene is made from the oil of domestically grown oranges.
kid raking leaves, credit: Frotzed2, FlickrGreen Tips For Getting Your House Ready for Fall
Need a green and easy ways to fix those drafty windows? What about that layer of freshly fallen leaves? Now’s your last chance to get your house ready for winter before that butt-freezing cold weather actually gets here. Check out CasaSugar’s Fall tips.
Mazda Cx-7, credit: green.autoblog.comSurprise, You’re in a Urine-Powered Vehicle
Mazda is rolling out a new diesel CX-7 that uses a urine-infused liquid to cut down on tailpipe emissions. The blue liquid, called AdBlue, contains about 33% urea and somehow traps the sooty NOx emissions which diesels are infamous for. Will they bring it to the US?

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