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Decorating Your Living Room – Tips From Bari Furniture

The living room is typically the one room where you spend more of your awake time than any other room in the house. Understandably this room can quickly become dull or feel outdated so it’s a good idea to update your living room regularly in small ways to keep it looking and feeling fresh and fun. Use our quick and easy living room decorating tips to refresh regularly throughout the year.


It seems a little backwards, but undecorating a room is a great way to give is a clean look and feeling, and it’s also great for spring cleaning. Take down everything you’ve put on the walls, on the tops of furniture, remove all throw pillows and blankets, basically strip the room of its personality. This leaves you an incredibly blank slate which can be refreshing by itself but may need a little work, so add pieces back or new pieces sparingly, editing your decisions as you go.

Shop your Storage

Try something new by going back to the old. Bring back old accessories, photos, decorations, pillows, even outdated and tired colors and give them new life in your living room. You really liked these items once, in fact so much so that you stored them rather than throwing them away, so let them breathe once again.


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