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Custom ringtones / sounds on your iPhone using Windows

These instructions are deprecated – it’s much easier to download iBrickr and just use the Ringtones interface.

I worked my eyes bloody today crawling through disassembly to help ziel port his Jailbreak program to Windows, and today we can announce that we have succeeded! All the iPhone users running Windows can now put custom ringtones and sounds onto their iPhones.

IMPORTANT NEWS: The iPhone software update 1.0.1 makes these instructions invalid. You STILL need to acquire the old 1.0.0 software package for Jailbreak to still work. Apple will surely have stopped distributing the package by now so I will see what I can do to get Jailbreak working on the new package. Watch for updates!

If you have a Mac, check out the Mac instructions over at Hack the iPhone.

These instructions work…

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