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2D Sense for iPhone FW 2.0 (UPDATE)

Well, while Apple is still reviewing 2D Sense application, I can deliver latest version of it to you for installation via iTunes using Ad Hoc method. It is simple and 100% legal process.

Just install Ad Hoc Helper application from Utilities section and run it. It will create e-mail with UDID (unique number of your iPhone). Please add short description on how you will use it send to info@2dsense.com.

This method is for next days only.

More about new version here: www.2dsense.com/2dsp/default.aspx
and here: www.2dsense.com/page.aspx?id=matrix&sid=0

Well, Apple approved application few hours ago! iTunesConnect Contract is in pending condition still but at least all technical steps are in past… (2008-07-25 00:25)

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