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New Apple iPhone Slated for a June 2009 Release

March 31st, 2009
News of a more sophisticated next-generation iPhone from Apple Inc. consecutively in the third year of inception is worth an achievement in itself. According to Boy Genius report (BGR), a new iPhone is slated for the summer release of 2009 with higher speed and features that are more sophisticated, poised for a seamless user experience.

Moreover, considering the success of the two versions of iPhones in the previous years since its first launch in mid-2007 and the second version in mid-2008, a mid-year launch has almost become a tradition for success.

What is new in the latest Apple iPhone?

As per the BGR blog published on Monday, its reliable sources from the AT&T has disclosed that the new iPhone scheduled for a June launch will offer major upgrade in features like video functionality. Rumors doing the rounds indicate that higher speed HSDPA 7.2 MBPS will support AT&T's planned upgrade, to be inducted by a new Infineon chipset, resulting in a speedier 3G network access.

Although nothing official has been confirmed on the speculated June-release of the new generation iPhone, BGR is quite confident of its AT&T sources information, which has indicated ‘an exciting summer of 2009, courtesy Apple iPhone.’ Now, if that is a mere speculation is yet to be ascertained. Reports from Boy Genius has also revealed news of a new $99 3G Netbook – without Windows OS to be launched this summer 2009.

Noteworthy Video Features Expected in the new iPhone

Amongst the new features to be included in the new iPhone (according to BGR) includes automation tools, which allows customers to use the AT&T U-Verse application. Now, iPhone users with the help of AT&T's fiber optic service will be able to offer users with high-speed data, video and voice options. Users will also be able to remotely play, record and pause their home DVRs, which is in fact a significant development from Apple Inc.

Further investigation on the new video feature has revealed that the support functions for video recording will likely be available only through an upgraded rear-facing camera, accomplished of captivating higher resolution photos. However, there is still speculation if Apple will allow the sophisticated video feature in regular model or keep it specifically only for high-end model.
Although many stories are doing the rounds regarding the much hyped video feature, an inside report from highly reliable sources, as per BGR indicates that the video function could most probably also include a 'movies’ iPhone application. This feature besides provide basic editing support, would also enable users to email movie clips to friends and family or even send videos via MMS messages.

AT&T also seems excited on the forthcoming June release of the next generation iPhone. The carrier company is of the opinion that customers should buy a smartphone from AT&T based on their personal tastes. However, what remains confusing is whether the AT&T advice refers to in-the-metal features. On the other hand, there is conflicting news that indicates that the iPhone 3.0 firmware will also apply to older iPhone models.

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Updated Cydia software

March 31st, 2009

Uploaded to the modmyi repository (thank you Kyle): App Flow for 2.2.x, Freemoji, and iBrowser.App Flow offers an easy-to-use application launcher that works in portrait (list) and landscape (coverflow) modes.iBrowser creates a web server that allows you to view your iPhone files from your computer’s browser.Freemoji (rejected from App Store, written for an Ars post) enables Emoji support on your phone.

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Skype on iPhone, finally…

March 31st, 2009

I’ve been waiting for Skype on iPhone for at least a year… I’m a Truphone user, but I’m not happy with it, it doesn’t work very well in terms of call quality. I hope the official version would be as good as the desktop application.



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March 30th, 2009

App World / writes:

Pivotal Podium iPhone Stand Review
Reviewed by: Bill Henderson
Podium by Pivotal :: Rotating iPhone Stand iPhone Dock iPod touch Stand iPod touch Dock
Price: $68

podium stand

Have you ever propped up an iPhone to watch a video while sitting at your computer? Or have you ever placed your iPhone on a table at a certain angle to watch a video because you’re just too lazy to hold it? Or maybe you just want an iPhone stand as cool as your iMac or Apple LCD monitor (sorry, PC users).

If you fall into any of the above categories, the Podium from Pivotal may be your solution. The Podium is one beautiful, heavy, expensive, over-engineered one-trick pony of a product. But I gotta tell you, it does this trick really well. Snap your iPhone 3G into the scratch-proof rubberized handles and your iPhone is now receiving the pampering it deserves. You can adjust it to any angle you wish, vertically or horizontally. And the weight of the Podium helps prevent the need to hold it in place with the other hand. The bearing that allows the pivoting is smooth, easy and it holds tight at any angle you leave it in. As I’ve told you it was over-engineered.

You can slip a USB cable through a hole in the back of the stand to keep it out of the way, just like the iMac. In fact, it looks just like the iMac stand, except that its either chrome or pearl, not brushed aluminum. So if you have Apple gear, it’s going to fit right in.

Aside from the price being a bit high, my only caveat is that the clasps are not adjustable, which means you have to remove your iPhone from its case (if you use one) to ‘snap‘ it in. I actually use it with my case left on, but it only rests on the bottom clasps. Even then it only works if it’s left horizontal. Then I plug my phone/mic earphones into it for hands-free talking while I work at my computer.

All in all, you can’t say a whole lot about such a simple concept, except that if you appreciate well built – if expensive – items, you may actually enjoy the Podium. It will most definitely last a lot longer than your iPhone.


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March 30th, 2009

App World / writes:

iPhone 3G Case Review: Carbon Fiber Leather Shell and Metal Vest by Ion Cases
Reviewed by: Bill Henderson
ION-factory | Accessories Refined
CarbonFiber Price: $79.89
Metal Vest Price: $29.99

There are many kinds of cases to choose from for the iPhone. Almost too many. It’s nice to see companies taking different approaches and trying to be creative in case design and construction. Ion is not as well known as some other iphone accessory companies, but they make a couple of really nifty cases.


What makes Leather Shell design unique is the use of real carbon fiber as a ‘spine’ that runs the length of the case, making the case very rigid and strong. Add the leather and you have a high-tech look with some elegance thrown in for good measure. The leather-wrapped shell is polycorbonate plastic fitted with a nice, soft interior lining to help prevent scratches.


The Leather Shell case comes in four colors. The black, white and orange (why orange?) are stitched quality leather while the gray case is wrapped is a faux suede covering. I’m told it’s not real suede, but it sure feels like it. I actually like this one more than the real leather ones. Unfortunately, a good portion of the iPhone is left unprotected on the sides. Leaving buttons exposed makes some of this necessary, but the other side could have been covered completely and wasn’t.


Although the top of the case is left open for the haeadphone port and on/off switch, the fit is secure and there is no chance of the phone just falling out.

The construction is top notch. There’s no loose stitching or ill fitting parts I’ve seen in other cases. Obvious care is put into the construction of these cases . And it should be. The Leather Shell is not cheap. Almost $80 US is a bit steep for an iPhone case, no matter how nice it is. Taking that into account, you really won’t be disappointed with this quality, rich looking case.

The Metal Vest is not actually made of metal. It just looks like it is. It’s made of a mirror-finish anodized plastic. It’s slim and covers just enough to keep the back of the iPhone covered. It very shiny and comes in silver or gold.


It also comes with a cleaner cloth:


Despite my issues with the Metal Vest, when I showed it to one of my daughter’s friends who has an iPhone, she thought it was the prettiest thing she had ever seen. She was mesmerized. Go figure. Maybe Ion has a hit on their hands here.

Like their other cases, it is well made. And like the other cases, it seems a bit expensive, although it does come with two screen protectors.

CarbonFiber Score: 9/10

Metal Vest Score: 6/10

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Decorating Your Living Room – Tips From Bari Furniture

March 28th, 2009

The living room is typically the one room where you spend more of your awake time than any other room in the house. Understandably this room can quickly become dull or feel outdated so it’s a good idea to update your living room regularly in small ways to keep it looking and feeling fresh and fun. Use our quick and easy living room decorating tips to refresh regularly throughout the year.


It seems a little backwards, but undecorating a room is a great way to give is a clean look and feeling, and it’s also great for spring cleaning. Take down everything you’ve put on the walls, on the tops of furniture, remove all throw pillows and blankets, basically strip the room of its personality. This leaves you an incredibly blank slate which can be refreshing by itself but may need a little work, so add pieces back or new pieces sparingly, editing your decisions as you go.

Shop your Storage

Try something new by going back to the old. Bring back old accessories, photos, decorations, pillows, even outdated and tired colors and give them new life in your living room. You really liked these items once, in fact so much so that you stored them rather than throwing them away, so let them breathe once again.


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March 26th, 2009
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AT&T Announces ‘No Contract’ for iPhones

March 26th, 2009
It seems all the jailbreaking and the rising popularity of Apple iPhones has ultimately had some effect on AT&T’s latest announcement to offer iPhones without a two-year contract. Confirmed reports from AT&T suggest that ‘no contract’ iPhones will be available from March 26, 2009.

However, industry analysts believe that there is not much to be elated as there is a catch in the deal proposed by AT&T. The inside story is that, the iPhones in spite of the announcement ‘no contract for will still be locked to AT&T's network. You will still require a regular AT&T iPhone account to operate the iPhone, even though AT&T boasts of keeping a provision where one can cancel their account the next day.

iPhone users believes, the deal is worth taking as you can only do without activation fees and a month's worth of service, rather than two years worth of service. AT&T at the same time is sure that this will to a large extent help in curbing the ‘jailbreaking’ phenomenon of iPhones. With this ‘no contract’ deal from AT&T in place, you can even choose to use cheaper options like Wi-Fi networks if not you are willing to unlock it for other networks.

The AT&T ‘No Contract’ Offer comes for a price

However, there is still suspense over whether AT&T would avail similar offer at Apple's retail stores; and clarification from media sources seeking Apple Inc’s response on this, did not yield much result. Again, AT&T is clear that the ‘no contract’ offer is not to come without a price.

A latest report - the Boy Genius Report quoted that the 8-GB model is expected to cost $599 instead of the original rate of $499; the 16-GB version will be priced at $699 in lieu of the present AT&T inclusive contract rate of $599. The report has also quoted that the offer (no contract) will be made available only for existing AT&T customers; which however, is pending confirmation from AT&T.
Moreover, on further analysis it is found that the price is not so exaggerated in comparison the price value of other high-end, non-subsidized smartphones like Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 at $799; or Nokia's N96 at $700 to mention a few.

How successful will be the ‘no contract’ option

However, amidst all the hoopla, there is a confused undertone if the ‘no contract’ option will be able to achieve the desired popular acclaim; especially considering the alleged version of its restricted offer only to the existing AT&T customers. The reason being, there are not many options for the U.S. iPhone users to take the iPhone 3G considering the carriers or providers. An iPhone 3G can get only 3G on AT&T's network, while users will be able to get voice and EDGE service on T-Mobile.

Frankly speaking, this ‘no contract’ offer from AT&T is no surprise as the carrier company had already indicated about a possible no-contract option before the launch of the iPhone 3G. Even though the second version of the iPhone added GPS and 3G connectivity, industry experts attribute the retail success of iPhone to the initial price of $199 + the AT&T contract.

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News Mix – Navigation, Installer and more

March 25th, 2009
Until now it was very cumbersome to uninstall an app, which you downloaded via Cydia. Now there is a solution for that issue: CyDelete! This small app, which is available via Cydia, allows to delete every inofficial App just like every App you bought in the App Store. (Small X)

This Program, which is temporary only available for Mac, allows to install Apps, which are available in Cydia or the Installer, on your iPhone without jailbreaking it. The program costs 7$ and is available on Ripdev's Website.
This is an announcement for german ziPhone readers.
Wir möchten daran erinnern, dass es ziPhone auch auf deutsch gibt. Es ist unter zu erreichen. Aber wieso sollte man überhaupt die deutsche ziPhone Seite verfolgen? Hier ein paar Gründe.

We would like to warn all our readers: Please don't update to iPhone OS 3.0 now, except you are in Apple's Developer Program! If you update your iPhone to 3.0, you will have to activate your Device! If you don't have a Developer Account, your iPhone will be useless afterwards!

Navigation on the iPhone
It is only a rumor, but it is not wayward: If Macobserver is right, TomTom will release a turn by turn navigation system soon after the release of iPhone OS 3.0. Other Developers will also release such an app for sure. Until the release of 3.0 we have to use xGPS (Cydia).

Cydia Store
The Cydia Store now also accepts, appart from Amazon's Simple Pay, payments with PayPal. However, the Cydia Store only offers 3 apps, so it is not really interesting yet.


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iBluetooth – transferring files over Bluetooth from/to the iPhone

March 24th, 2009
iBluetooth is an app for jailbroken iPhones, which you can install via cydia. You will get a 15 days demo version, after this you have to buy iBluetooth for 3.99 €. We think it is worth the money because it brings full Bluetooth support to your iPhone. This application could be a reason for many people to jailbreak their device.


It is very easy to transfer files between different devices. You browse through the file system, select a file, press the "send" button, select a Bluetooth device and transfer it.
iBluetooth also offers the ability to transfer pictures. You can send pictures directly from your picture library and when receiving photos it is possible to select the save location, either the photo library or just any folder. So far only the transfer of pictures is fully supported but the developers are likely to add support for music and videos soon.
While testing iBluetooth with a Macbook and some other mobile devices we did not experience any major problems.
One other aspect is important: iBluetooth also has the ability to run as a background process and so you can receive files anytime.?To quit the program completely press the red "x" button on the application's homescreen.



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