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iPhone 3G

June 9th, 2008 No comments

On the whole, I’m pretty disappointed with it. Hardware wise, it’s finally caught up to the Blackjack II. Same crappy camera, and no added screen resolution. No mention of video recording capability either. At least they finally added a GPS. I would’ve liked to see a front facing camera and a sooner release date. And I’m not sure how much I believe the battery life claims.

To meet that price point around the world, surely the phone must be subsidized. That means theres an unlock to come.

So who can get me one before July 11? I’ll make good use of it…

WWDC 2008

June 5th, 2008 No comments

I will be attending WWDC next week. If anyone wants to meet up, send me an email. We are still looking for a full-time Cocoa developer to work out of our San Francisco office.

doubleTwist is a one year old start-up in San Francisco backed by the same people who were behind Skype and Last.FM. Our mission is to simplify the flow of media to a wide range of CE devices and between family and friends. We are looking for a Cocoa developer to join our Mac team and work on the MacOS X version of doubleTwist. The Mac team currently consists of three people.

3+ years of Objective-C and Cocoa experience
A passion for improving the user experience around digital media

Experience with one or more of these APIs: IOKit, QTKit, CoreAudio
Involvement in/contributions to open source projects
Experience with the iPhone SDK

To apply, send your resume to jon at If possible, include code samples and/or links to open source projects you’ve contributed to.