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2D Sense. New name, new opportunities

May 25th, 2008 No comments

I am happy to announce big change in iMatrix history – iMatrix project becomes a part of new company in the World of Mobile Solutions. I feel big potential of that market and power to lead new company to success. Our new name is 2D SENSE.
We are openning on June 2nd, 2008. You are welcome to our new site:

Blotcode. Another one 2D code format

May 22nd, 2008 No comments

Being still unsatisfied by aesthetics of the 2D codes, I created next code format with provisional name: Blotcode. You can use this link to generate random code:

Blotcode has error correction and can keep up to four byte long data string that is enough for majority of applications. I have implemented new way of bit presentation in that code: each bit can be visualized by at least two different shapes 😉 White element can be either white circle with black border or just nothing; black element can be either small or large black circle. This makes code more attractive and distinctive.
Once again, I do not try to replace standard codes like QR Code or Datamatrix… I try to find a beautiful form only;) I try to create a code that looks attactive for us, humans.

iPhone and Movies Mashup

May 11th, 2008 No comments

Mashup Camp winner helps you make wise movie rental decisions

Never rent a bad movie again. I created after renting one bad movie too many at the local supermarket’s DVD rental kiosk. The free-wifi sign near that kiosk and my long time interest in mobile applications sparked an idea to help movie lovers make better rental decisions.

The resulting mobile web application integrates 7 data sources, including DVDPlay’s kiosk content, Blockbuster’s latest movies, IMDB movie ratings, Kids-In-Mind movie ratings, YouTube, Yahoo Movies, and Google Maps.

iMovieMash lists the kiosk’s or Blockbuster’s new movies in descending IMDB movie rating order (best movie first). Each movie I list is also a link to Yahoo Movies and search results from YouTube’s API. The YouTube search query is biased in a way that is likely to return trailers or videos related to the movie itself. When clicked, the YouTube results launch the native YouTube application in the iPhone or iTouch.

iMovieMash took 2nd place at Mashup Camp 6, where I demo-ed the application dozens of times in 5 minute “speed geeking” sessions. That was a good bit of fun, and re-enforced the concept that successful products have a simple message, solve a real problem, and look good.

The application was developed with Perl for the backend and the IUI iPhone framework for the front end. It looks best on the iPhone or iTouch, but runs fine on a Blackberry or any web browser. Just goto

mmlist.png     mmyt2.png