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iPhone SDK

April 30th, 2008 No comments

Great news is here – iMatrix is ported into SDK version beta 3!!!

New iMatrix will be a little bit different from current toolchain based version because SDK has different set of frameworks and classes.

Simulator based application cannot handle camera attached to my Mac Mini, but it does all the rest quite well and, that is very important, according to stricts rules Apple set. No more private frameworks, no more Address book hacks; just clean and legal stuff! Next days I will publish photos of new iMatrix application… return here frequently please.

There are sad news as well. It looks like import/export of notes and Safari’s bookmarks should come out… The same with Calendar…
BUT you will be surprized as well! Will say just this: iTunes, YouTube and Google Maps!

Now the story 🙂 At first, I had to purchase new Mac Mini because OS X Leopard is vital for SDK. After some time and with the help of my collegues, I found what I looked for! After updating the system and installing SDK/Xcode I became “happy” owner of development environment for creating cool and amazing native iPhone applications! Well… then I had several weeks of hard coding and getting familiar with Xcode… It is in past now! After all, I can say that Apple did realy cool product. It is not ready and quite fresh but it works and has HUGE potential. I personally will use it for sure.

(To be continued)


April 30th, 2008 No comments

Some time ago I have integrated ShotCode into iMatrix application. It is very nice fact! It proves flexibility of iMatrix design and wide possibilities on integration custom, proprietary, solutions widely available on a market.
ShotCode is quite different from other 2D codes; it is circular. It looks nice and it’s processing is really fast. I am sure it is not the last project together with ShotCode team and soon you will find other interesting joint projects!


April 30th, 2008 No comments

Personally, I am very proud of iMatrix success. It is very specific product with very narrow niche on a market but still has great feedback from useres worldwide!
Today, I would like to give you some figures behind the project.
As you could notice, I did not update application long time. Most inportant reason is, of couse, I was busy porting application to official platform based on iPhone SDK. Second reason is that I wanted to see real usage of iMatrix, not a big splashes after each update and presence in “Recent Packages” in …
Now just figures:

1. Number of registered installations is more than 310’000. I call installation as “registered”, if user installed application and performed some activity in application like registration, activation or 2D code recognition. This number is based on unique iphones on those application is installed. Please note, I do not collect IMEI because I take care about privacy of my users. Instead, I use hash function based on IMEI to generete unique identifier of mobile phone.

2. 85’000 users used application at least two-three times for scaning iMatrix codes.

3. More than 15’000 users use iMatrix application frequently. Yes, it is 5% from registered installations and I am sure it is a lot taking into account specific area for application.

4. About 70% of the users are from USA. 25% – Europe and the rest is for Russia, China and Brazil.

5. At best days, I have about 10.000 unique visitors on iMatrix site with average about 500.

Well, now I need your comments :))

I am back

April 30th, 2008 No comments

After so long silence, I am back:) I am here to tell you next hot news about iMatrix project!
Shortly, I am going to present you actual statistical information about my projects, introduce Shotcode integration into iMatrix and…. inform you about real progress in porting iMatrix from toolchain to Apple’s official SDK platform!
Stay tuned!

Where have I been?

April 15th, 2008 No comments

Working on this.