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iPhone Privacy Patcher utility released: Stop sending your IMEI to Apple!

November 19th, 2007 No comments

So now that it’s out that Apple is spying on you, people have been clamoring for a way to hide your IMEI from the all-seeing eye of Apple’s Stocks and Weather applications. These apps send your IMEI as well as your iPhone firmware version to Apple for their nefarious usage statistic processing.

This is a big deal, because the IMEI is sent in plaintext, over any Wi-fi network you may currently be connected to. So anyone listening on that network will be able to grab your IMEI and do stuff with it, like, um, yeah, I’m not sure they can do anything with it.

Until now you just had to avoid the Stocks and Weather apps and/or wrap your phone in tin foil to prevent them from reading your thoughts.

Concomitantly, I have produced a simple command-line utility to patch out the nefarious code from Stocks and Weather allowing you to check your portfolio and the weather without worrying about…

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Tap Tap Revolution v1.3 released

November 12th, 2007 No comments

I finally took a day to update Tap Tap Revolution and get a few more features in.

Among the millions of new features are:

– MUCH better tap response

– Multitouch taps have been eliminated

– Pause and Exit buttons in game mode

– Clearer tap graphic

– High Scores table for each song (that’s why you’re prompted for a user name)

– The iTunes Library remembers who made beats for each song

Watch for a couple new tracks coming soon, too.

It’s already in iBrickr and will be in Installer very soon, thanks to Shaun who does half the packaging for Give him your money! He spends a lot of time packaging these apps for mass consumption and deserves a lot of the credit for how easy it is to get applications on your iPhone.